Ionique CMD Mineral Drops - 2oz

Ionique CMD Mineral Drops - 2oz
Ionique CMD Mineral Drops - 2oz
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Ionique CMD Mineral Drops - 2oz

Serving Size:  2ml  (35-40 drops) Servings per container: 30

A daily powerful, concentrated dietary supplement providing over 72 naturally occurring, full spectrum, body balancing, ionic, minerals and trace minerals which is rich in magnesium. Expect a wide range of extraordinary nutritional benefits.

Natural Balance Ionic and electrolyte in form Concentrated Great source of natural magnesium, lithium and boron.  Low in sodium!   Supports digestion, metabolism, brain function, proper elimination, bone and joint health, optimum enzyme function and more.

Tests have shown that 2ml of Ionique CMD contain 1.00 - 2.00mg of Lithium and .73 - 1.78mg of Boron.

Ingredients:  Pure, Low sodium Great Salt Lake concentrate.  Contains all the minerals found in sea water.

Recommended use:  Consume .25 - 2ml of CMD mixed with food or beverages so the daily consumption equals 2ml.  Spreading consumption over the day improves absorption.

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