Soapnuts - 1 kilo

Soapnuts - 1 kilo
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Nature's Traditions Soapnuts are Sapindus mukorossi, the largest soapnuts that have the most saponin.  Saponin is the active agent in soapnuts that are a natural surfactant. 

Soapnuts have been used for thousands of years for doing laundry by the native peoples of Asia.  Soapnuts get your clothes clean without leaving any chemical residue.  You don't need to use fabric softener or dryer sheets with soapnuts because they naturally soften clothes.  One kilo of soapnuts will do about 330 loads of laundry (10-12 cents a load).  Compare with a leading brand that costs 20 cents per load up to 25 cents if you count fabric softener or a dryer sheet.

Other uses include making a dishwasher detergent, hand soap, and shampoo.

Soapnuts are listed in Ayurveda as a shampoo and cleanser.  They are used in Ayurvedic medicine for ezema and psoriasis.

You recieve: 1 - kilo (2.2lbs) of premium deseeded soapnuts and 3 wash bags.

Click here for more information on the uses of the versatile soapnut!


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