Healing Balm Plus

Healing Balm Plus
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AGR Enterprises Healing Balm Plus - 2 oz Jar

Ingredients: Aloe Vera, Vitamin A & D, Comphrey, Tea Tree Oil, and Lavender

General Uses:

Minor cuts and scratches


Minor skin irritations

Shingles - Cools and heals exterior

Chapped lips and hands

Diabetic sores or ulcers



Deep Cuts

Animal Care

How it Works: Healing Balm Plus decreases the healing time, closing the wound with minimal scarring of tissue.  The tissues of an open wound are encouraged to excrete unwanted edema, lessening the swelling, diminishing the heat, and encouraging the healing process.

In animals, the same process begins and in places with hair, the regrowth process generally starts in 5 days with minimal scarring.

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