Smitty's Glass Wax

Smitty's Glass Wax
Smitty's Glass Wax
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Smitty's Glass Wax - 1oz with Cloth
Product Information:
-Smitty’s is a waxed base cleaner, polish and protectant. A 3 in 1 cleaner.
-It not only cleans your glasses, but the wax base keeps them cleaner longer by repelling: dust, dirt, oils, sunscreen, makeup, finger prints and everything else that dirties your glasses. Same concept as waxing your car.
-Smitty’s Also makes it much easier to clean glasses in between waxing’s. If you get a smudge on glasses between waxing’s, instead of wiping and smearing smudges making your glasses appear dirtier, Smitty’s actually takes the smudges right off! Barely any effort needed.
-Only need to wax once a week, takes 30 seconds to have sparkling clean glasses.
-Also great for: phones, computers, TV’s, jewelry, any kind of mask or goggles, CD’s, camera lenses, leather interior…As well as any hard surface material: glass, tile, all metals, plastic, vinyl, etc.
-The cloth can be used forever, you just machine wash it and dry as usual (do not use fabric softener) Hand washing with warm water and soap is okay too!
-No harsh chemicals and non-abrasive, will not damage or scratch glasses or irritate eyes
-Contains no alcohol or ammonia, so will not irritate eyes nor strip any coatings on sun or prescription glasses. -Most other cleaners are alcohol based, which will damage lenses over time by stripping coatings on lenses.
-Just need a little tiny dab to clean, the less the better..If you use too much, it could leave a haze on your lenses.
-Can be used on sun and any kind of prescription glasses.
-Wax is made and packaged in USA
-Does not contain anti-fog elements. But many customers do say it helps tremendously with fogging issues.
-Is not an anti-bacterial product.
-Silicone free
-Made of a special wax that is derived from the leaves of the palm Copernicia Prunifera. So the wax is very natural and comes from the earth. Same type of wax that is found on coated candies, which gives it that shine.

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