Mint-T Dreams Pyramid Bags

Mint-T Dreams Pyramid Bags
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Mint-T Dreams- 20 Pyramid Tea Bags
How can a cup of tisane raise your spirits?
Well, there are a few reasons. 
The first is Peppermint, which gives the blend a spicy fresh boost. Peppermint has long been associated with relaxation – native tradition holds that it was a great way to soothe muscles and calm nerves – so who wouldn't feel better? 
Next are the rose petals that add a delectable floral character through the cup. Since time began roses have been given as pick-me-up gifts - we figure including them in an herbal tea ought to have the same affect.
Next up is ginger. Ginger's heat adds a level of vitality to the blend that is sure to get the taste buds reeling and firing with positive energy.
Then there is the Osmanthus and Hibiscus, both flowers known for their pleasant aromas and inspiring flavors.
Rounding out the blend are apple and rosehip, both packed with vitamins and protein to get the body feeling great and the mellow herbal character of South African Rooibos, packed with Iron, Zinc and more.
So you can see, if you're feeling in any way like life is passing you by, a nice hot cup of Mint-T dream ought to help uplift you.
With this tisane there is no “could have” - there is only “will do”! 
Give yourself a taste of the good life!

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