Profit Sharing Plan

How Your Profit Sharing Plan Works

We wanted to create for you a Profit Sharing Plan that rewards you quickly for your efforts, but also keeps the long term passive income focus at the forefront. Here at Time & Money, we believe that simpler is better. We want you to understand how our plan works quickly so that you know how to maximize your income from it. Isn't that why you want to go into business?

Our model is a binary. That means you create 2 organizations, a left side and a right side. You can build to unlimited depth and that volume counts toward your income. There are 3 ways to make money in our plan.

  1. 10% Bonus
    • You make a 10% Bonus paid weekly on any volume purchased by your personally registered Members.

  2. Profit Pool
    • You qualify for the Profit Pool by creating what we call a "share". A share is 100 volume on your left side and 100 volume on your right side (Personal volume counts on the weakest side). There is no limit to how many shares you may have in a week. If you have 50 personal volume during the month, your shares qualify for the Profit Pool. If you have 100 personal volume, your share count is tripled. Everyone who meets these qualifications get their shares added to the pool. The Profit Pool is then divided by the number of total shares. That number is the share price and you will receive a commission of the share price multiplied by how many shares you have in that month. The maximum payout on the Profit Pool is $60,000 per business* per month.

  3. Customer Retail Profit
    • There is a difference between retail and member pricing. You can buy products at member pricing and sell them for whatever price you wish.
* (A person may own more than one business)
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